Pa'u Skirts, Hula Implement cases, Fabrics,  3-in-1 skirts, Pareos, etc..

650 Iwilei Rd. Unit 185  Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 

Located in the Dole Cannery Shops                                                                                 Email:  

Tel & Fax:  (808) 847-2998 

Please visit us at our new store location which just opened on May 1st 2016. Looking forward to seeing you all. Aloha and Mahalo.

Directions: Entrance is off Alakawa between Home Depot and Costco.Enter The Dole Cannery Building we are at the ground level. Please use Costco parking lot close to The Dole Cannery Building.


   *These skirts are made from our Exclusive Design Fabrics only available in our store.

                                                           FABRIC#   LW-14-353
                                       purple/off white                                            red/black
                                       orange/maroon                                             brown/orange
                                             black/white                                              brown/teal
                                            yellow/black                                                blue/black
                                             red/gold                                         silver/navy blue
                                        lime green/pink

                                                         FABRIC #    LW-13-316
                                              gray/black                                                 beige/purple
                                           pink/yellow                                                             orange/black
                                         yellow/brown                                                       blue
                                                 black/orange                                               red/gold
                                      green/black                                                 black/white

                                                    FABRIC# TKJ-13-712
                                           beige/black/orange                                     rust/brown/green
                                         black/white                                           pink/black
                                           brown/teal                                            gold
                                           turquoise                                                orange
                                                 red                                            purple

                                                           FABRIC # YS-582
                                             yellow/green                                                  blue
                                              pink/purple                                                    black
                                               red/black                                            gold/maroon
                                                 brown                                        yellow/red/green