Pa'u Skirts, Hula Implement cases, Fabrics,  3-in-1 skirts, Pareos, etc..

650 Iwilei Rd. Unit 185  Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 

Located in the Dole Cannery Shops                                                                                 Email:  

Tel & Fax:  (808) 847-2998 

Please visit us at our new store location which just opened on May 1st 2016. Looking forward to seeing you all. Aloha and Mahalo.

Directions: Entrance is off Alakawa between Home Depot and Costco.Enter The Dole Cannery Building we are at the ground level. Please use Costco parking lot close to The Dole Cannery Building.


Garment Bag

                                                          AVAILABLE ON SALE NOW                                                          

                                                 LONG : $32.99 each plus shipping

     001    L: 29in W: 21.5in     002   L: 64in    W: 21.5in       003    L: 66in   W: 21.5in 
     004    L: 58in    W: 21.5in      005    L: 64in    W: 21.5in      006    L: 62in    W: 21.5in
      007     L: 60in    W: 21.5in       008    L:62in   W: 21.5in        009    L: 64in    W:21.5in
       010    L: 62in    W: 21.5in      011     L: 64in     W: 21.5in      012     L: 64in    W: 21.5in
        013     L: 62in     W: 21.5in      014    L: 60in    

                            SHORT : $ 27.99 each plus shipping

      001    L: 41in   W: 21.5in      002    L: 40in    W: 21.5in       003   L:41in    W: 21.5in